Recent Publications

We show that the observed events at the KOTO experiment can be explained by minimal models of light new physics.

We show that NLO effects in the SMEFT have dramatic effects on the observed limits obtained from $WW$ and $WZ$ production data.

We show that Higgses with large couplings to light quarks lead to interesting signals in dijets and enhanced Higgs Yukawas, and are …

We analyze WH production using the MadMiner machine learning tool and quantify the information in kinematic phase space.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

An investigation of the WH production process in the Standard Model Effective Field Theory using the Machine Learning tool MadMiner.

An introduction to the Spontaneous Flavor Violation Ansatz, and its application to a Two Higgs Doublet Model.

Measuring the Higgs self-coupling at the LHC has proven to be extremely challenging in the Standard Model, making such a measurement a …


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